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Summer Weddings at Chapman Hill

Summer wedding discounts are so cool but summer weddings can be hot! Don’t let that scare you away from planning a wedding in such a beautiful season. At Chapman Hill, our sprawling grounds are lush and green with picturesque landscaping. The summer sunset casts a magical golden hour over your whole celebration. 

We’ve come up with some fun ways to plan the perfect summer wedding and beat the heat. 

Book an ice cream truck

Add an extra scoop of sweetness to your day. A fun and nostalgic touch that will delight guests of all ages. 

Personalized tubes of sunscreen

Customize the labels with your names and wedding date for a practical and memorable favor that keeps everyone glowing. Your guests can take them home and use them all summer long!

Woven fans, parasols

Give out beautiful paper or woven hand fans during the ceremony. These are also so easy to personalize. You could print your program or vows on them for a keepsake. Or colorful, lightweight parasols. Just imagine the photos. 

Cocktail menu

Opt for refreshing cocktails like cucumber mojitos, or spiked Arnold Palmers. It may be wise to serve personalized bottled water to go with…

Monogrammed sunglasses

Your photographer will have a blast with these! Or if you have a photobooth, these make the perfect accessory. Yet another summer hack that doubles as wedding swag.

Regardless of the season you choose for your wedding, weather will always be a factor. From autumn storms to winter chill, spring rains, and summer heat, planning accordingly is key. Embrace the uniqueness each season brings, ensuring a memorable celebration for you and your guests. 

There are plenty of ways to beat the heat and ensure everyone has a fantastic time. By incorporating these tips into your wedding day, you’ll create an atmosphere that’s not only stylish but also refreshingly cool, leaving your guests raving about your unforgettable summer wedding for years to come. Cheers to staying cool and keeping the party going strong! 

Feeling inspired? Contact us today to ask about summer wedding prices in June, July, and August 2025! Just click on the ‘Contact’ tab at the top.

(photo cred: John & Kym Creative Co., Wedding Bug Studios, Adam Pace)

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